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When purchasing a screwdriver, it’s important that you know how to make the right decision, identifying and responding to your unique professional requirements. 

Not all screwdrivers are created equal, which means that you’ll need to understand the benefits of different screwdriver models in order to make the right purchasing choice. When you choose the right screwdriver, you can improve your productivity and the quality of your work. 

Want to know what you should look for when buying a screwdriver? Here’s what you need to know. 

Screwdriver type

The first important detail that you should consider when buying a screwdriver is the type of screwdriver that you need. Different screwdrivers are designed to suit different applications, so you’ll need to know what functions are right for you. 

Common screwdriver types include Phillips screwdrivers, flathead screwdrivers, and torx screwdrivers. The different types correspond to different fasteners, so before you make your choice, find out what kinds of fasteners you need a screwdriver to work with. Remember, you may need to purchase several screwdrivers to accommodate different professional tasks. 

Screwdriver size

The next consideration is screwdriver size. The size of your screwdriver will need to accommodate the size of the fasteners you use, as well as the space limitations of your work environment. Screwdrivers are available in a range of sizes. 

If you work using very small fasteners, you’ll need to choose a screwdriver designed to manipulate these. If your work is bulkier, you’ll need to choose a model that corresponds with this. If you work is highly varies, you may need to purchase more than one screwdriver or a model with interchangeable screwdriver bits.  

Screwdriver design

Next, it’s a good idea to think about the design of your chosen screwdriver. This relates to the grip and other design features that may make a screwdriver suitable for torque, livewire work, or other specialised conditions. 

As you choose your screwdriver, think about how it will be used. You may need a tool that allows you to apply force in complex projects or one that makes it easy to work in confined spaces. You might need a screwdriver suitable for electrical work or just a tool with an ergonomic design that can prevent injury on long work days. 

Screwdriver durability

Finally, you’ll need to consider the durability of your chosen screwdriver. This consideration relates to the tool’s ability to stand the test of time, especially if you often work in potentially damaging environments, where your tools may be subject to dust, rust, or extreme weather conditions. 

Before you purchase a new screwdriver, start to think about your work environment and where you store your tools. Will your screwdriver often be carried around, sustaining damage in a toolbox? Will it be kept undercover, or will it be vulnerable to the elements? Knowing these details can help you understand your specific buying needs, helping you choose a screwdriver that can survive harsh conditions if needed. 

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