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There are a lot of questions about JiDion’s streaming habits. From his hate raid on Ninja to his ban from Twitch, this article will answer some of those questions. You can also learn more about his collaboration with Pokimane. You might be surprised to learn about his newest pranks. JiDion streams his fights on Twitch and YouTube. In addition to these, you can also learn about his controversial hate-raid on Ninja.


After being banned from Twitch, JiDion is now streaming on YouTube. It is unfortunate that YouTube is home to a number of content creators who are harassing women in the gaming industry. Many of these creators go on rants about how women in the gaming industry are underrepresented and are thus subjected to targeted harassment. It will take some time for this misogyny to stop, but Twitch has made the problem permanent by banning JiDion.

JiDion began uploading videos to YouTube in September 2018, and his content is focused on pranks, random comedy vlogs, and gifs. The YouTuber struggled to gain any kind of traction at first, and had only 100k subscribers by September of the year. However, the content has continued to grow slowly as JiDion began to attract attention with his prank videos.

JiDion’s hate raid on Ninja

Pokimane, a popular Twitch streamer, recently called out JiDion for his “hate raid” on her. Pokimane responded to JiDion’s tweets with a message of her own, asking her why he would help someone harass her. Ninja reportedly texted Twitch’s representative to have her ban lifted. The ban was later revoked.

Pokimane, a famous Twitch streamer, called out JiDion for a sexist hate raid. In response, Pokimane revealed private messages that she received from Ninja. Ninja denied the claims, but defended himself by saying that Pokimane may have been joking. In addition, JiDion sent viewers to Ninja’s Twitch stream to express their displeasure and anger. JiDion has since apologized to his viewers for the “hate troll”, and Ninja has also threatened Pokimane with legal action.

Throughout the game’s history, JiDion has openly stated his disdain for Pokimane. The hate-raid has nothing to do with Pokimane’s gender; rather, it’s about her as a person. JiDion also publicly called Pokimane a “sexist” during his hate raid, and then went on to call her a “hatemonger” on Twitch.

JiDion’s ban from Twitch

After being banned from Twitch for two months, JiDion is streaming on YouTube. YouTube is full of content creators who harass and bully women in the gaming industry, and JiDion’s ban only served to reinforce that sentiment. He encouraged his followers to hate-raid Pokimane’s Twitch stream and received a 14-day ban. However, his ban has been defended by fans, who have rallied to support him.

Several fans of Pokimane have expressed disappointment with JiDion’s ban, claiming that he has been a victim of discrimination. However, JiDion’s behavior is not limited to the “L+R” hate raid. Pokimane detailed JiDion’s actions on her blog and Twitter, in which he accused her of using sexist language, suggesting that her audience was sexually attracted to her, and making baseless comments about Pokimane.

JiDion’s collaboration with Pokimane

Recently, the two stars have revealed that they’ve collaborated. In a fan AMA, the duo answered questions from fans and promised to answer all the questions on their next content. JiDion apologized for any confusion he caused, and Pokimane also thanked him for leaving her alone. Now, it’s time to see the fruits of their collaboration. Listed below are some interesting facts about JiDion and Pokimane’s collaboration.

Final Words:

Despite the controversy surrounding his Twitch collaboration, JiDion appears to be in a good mood in his latest YouTube video. He has apologized to Pokimane for any misunderstandings, and he claims he’ll try to get back on track. This collaboration could be the final straw in getting JiDion and Pokimane’s friendship back on track.

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