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Mikan Tsumiki

The Japanese manga and anime series, “Secret of the Swordfish” depicts the plight of two teenage girls: Hiyoko and Mikan. As a result of these abuses, Hiyoko is no longer a beloved figure in Mikan’s life. The girl’s plight is documented in the manga and anime, and her case has attracted worldwide attention. The manga and anime series also depict other victims of domestic violence.

Mikan tsumiki

Mikan Tsumiki is the daughter of a woman named Junko Enoshima. Mikan was abused by her parents and was infected with despair. She has regained her memory, but her personality has been altered. She knows that there is a traitor among the groups, but she refuses to tell him, because she believes others will find out when the countdown has ended. Mikan is then forced to execute him by the Future Foundation.

Mikan has been abused by almost every person in his life, both at home and school. In his cut, Feisty summarizes the story by saying Mikan had unfortunate luck. Because of this, he turned meek and weak. Although Mikan’s plight is sad and tragic, he still finds time to love and care for Hiyoko. And although Mikan has always been fucked up, he still takes care of her.


Mikan was a member of the health committee of his super high school, the Hope’s Peak Academy. She sometimes gives out unwanted health advice and even describes bodily functions to other students. She wore a Hope’s Peak Academy uniform. The abuser, named Mukuro, tied her up, gagged her, and blindfolded her. As a result, she has a difficult time speaking and thinking.

Despite her perceptiveness, Mikan was neglected as a child. She grew up to be timid because she was afraid of being ignored and lonely. She was not good at making friends and often allowed people to take what they wanted from her. This made Mikan feel unloved and despondent. Even her appearance has changed and she can no longer speak or act like her old self.

Mikan’s affection for Hiyoko is not genuine and feels manufactured. It’s also possible that Junko could have used words to make her appear like she was the one to abuse. In addition, Mikan didn’t watch the entire brainwashing video. She only saw the “mutual killing game” part of the video. This is inconvenient for Mikan because she didn’t have the full picture of her abusers.


While many of us may be able to think of the infamous “Hiyoko Mikan Tsumiki” case as the most shocking and disturbing, this case was actually not that traumatic. Although Mikan was abused several times, the abuse she suffered was much less. While she did develop a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Mikan was unable to protect herself from the abuse. When the two arranged to meet for the first time, the relationship turned sour and Mikan was finally arrested.

In addition to being physically abused, Mikan suffered emotionally. Although she is the ultimate nurse, her clumsiness makes dressing herself a challenge. Weeby Newz speculates that Hiyoko never learned to be independent, because her parents preferred she be reliant on the family. This likely affected her self-esteem. As a result, she is jealous of Mikan’s talent and insecure about herself.


The first time we see Fuyuhiko and Mikan is in the opening scene of the series. Mikan has just sacrificed her dog Peko and has returned to his life. When the two of them get together, Mikan is relieved to see that he has finally made peace with his past. The other main character of the series, Sasuke, is also a member of the Neo World Program.

Final Words:

While Ibuki and Mikan are best friends, their relationship is troubled when their friends Ibuki and Teruteru die. Mikan’s taste in music disturbs Mikan, who immediately reacts in horror after hearing the song. This episode marks a bittersweet moment for the two. However, despite their differences, their friendship endures, and they remain close to one another. In the second season of the series, Fuyuhiko and Mikan join Ibuki’s welcome back party.

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