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Are you renovating your home? Or are you into a new construction work?  You need to purchase tiles for your home and whenever you think of tiles, a definite question arises in your mind as to either small format or large format. Although many people face a dilemma while choosing between them, Large Format Tiles definitely offers several added advantages if you choose them for your new interior decoration project. 

There is a common misconception that if the area that is to be paved has a reduced dimension, like a kitchen or a bathroom, it is better to lean over Small Format Tiles. But, actually, even if the place is small, it’s always feasible to work with Large Format Tiles. Also, you can benefit greater spaciousness and hygiene owing to the practical absence of joints of the tiles. 

Key Benefits of installing Large Format Tiles:

(1) Provides a greater sense of Spaciousness: The size of the tiles has a direct effect on the perception of the size of a room, just as the light colors provide a feeling of greater size to any room. It is highly recommended to lean on Large Format Tiles if you are intending to visually extend an environment, that is to say give the feeling of being larger than it is in reality. 

(2) Multi-Purpose Use: As these tiles offer a large number of uses, they give way to a large number of unorthodox ideas, so far as design is concerned. Owing to the size, consistency and high technical performance of Large Format Tiles, these tiles are widely used for the design of bathrooms, kitchens, work tables, countertops, among many other ideas. 

(3) Fabricates a continuity effect: You can easily coat the surfaces by making use of a small number of pieces due to the large extensions in these Large Format Tiles. Thus, you can easily create a higher visual layer of uniformity, as these translates into a smaller number of groupings. 

A greater visual continuity can be provoked mainly due to the reduction of the grouping of the pieces which are only offered by Large Format Tiles. Also, the separation between the sheets is extremely reduced as the pieces are mainly of rectified joints. But still it is highly recommended to fill the pieces with a tone or color which is exactly similar to the tile, and thus giving the illusion that it’s actually a single piece. 

(4) Brings down the Installation Time: Reduction in the installation time is another advantage that can be highlighted about Large Format Tiles. You would require smaller number of sheets if the Format Tiles are larger which in turns assists in its assembly, and thus cuts down on the time required to dedicate into it. 

There was a common misconception when compared to traditional tiles, it’s much more complicated to place these format tiles. But, with the innovative installation methods, which allows quick, simple and easy tiling, these problems are now a thing of the past. 

(5) Ideal for facades: Not only for its size, but also for the benefit of durability and strength that they provide, the Large Format Tiles can use great techniques while coating the facades. 

(6) Trending: You should definitely take note of the use of Large Format Tiles if you really want to be up to the date and strictly follow the dictates of fashion. You can find the answer to design spaces of great beauty and distinctiveness, only with these tiles. 

You can unify spaces with the help of these tiles as they are easy to integrate with other types of Porcelain stoneware like hydraulic tiles, which provides a more vintage touch, to design modern original rooms. 

In a nutshell:

Now, that you have gone through some of the top reasons of opting for Large Format Tiles, why wait? In order to meet the architectural demands of today’s world, these tiles are a wonderful alternative, surpassing comfortably the technical and aesthetic requirements, both for your works and new projects, so far as renovation of houses and buildings are concerned. Always make sure to purchase these tiles from trusted sellers who has positive reviews online. 

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