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Ordinary people don’t go procuring, roasting, and grinding their coffee to make their daily cups of coffee. But there are several reasons a person might be in need of coffee beans. If you’re a coffee bean roaster or a grinder, you might need a steady supply of coffee beans to run your business. Whether you’re a conservative coffee roaster or run a reputed coffee shop, you’ll be needing high-quality coffee beans periodically. Probably due to this, you’re working hard to find the best coffee beans supplier.

Types of coffee beans supplier

There are essentially two kinds of coffee suppliers and you need to choose one depending on your business need. Read the two paragraphs below to make an informed decision. 

1. Ordinary national brands

National brands do not have to pay import taxes while making sales in your country. So if you need a massive amount of supplies, go for known country brands. But you need to be cautious while finalizing your deal with one. Not-so-reputed coffee bean dealers often don’t provide good quality beans. Therefore, you need to do the extra work of inspecting the quality of beans they are selling before setting on a national brand. 

2. Top brands 

Well-known coffee bean supplying brands are usually in the business for much longer and are known for their reliability. They have an established customer base and will provide you with the best kind of coffee beans. But with reliability and high quality comes higher cost. It’s easy to find a renowned coffee supplier because they’ll have a tried and tested marketing strategy. It’s likely to find higher quality coffee beans from a popular supplier. 

What are the most important factors to consider while choosing a coffee beans supplier?

1. Location 

Location plays a huge role in the stock-flow consistency. If you’re ordering green coffee beans, you must know that they start to lose their quality after approximately 6 – 12 months. So, the raw beans have enough time to get delivered over a 1000km distance.  But if you’ll be making espresso coffee, you need as fresh as possible coffee beans. This is when a coffee bean supplier within instant deliverable proximity is useful. 

2. Shipping policies 

If you’re running a busy coffee shop, you need to consider the supplier’s shipping policies. Some companies deliver for free when you order in bulk. If you think free deliveries will save huge costs, keep looking. If you sometimes need a shipment delivered within the same day of order, keep track of the suppliers that offer this facility. 

3. Roasting process

Roasting can be considered an art. Even though the basic concept behind the roasting process is the same, pre-processing and post-processing are the quality differentiating factors. Every company has its little tricks on roasting which are kept undisclosed. If you find it hard to choose one on their roasting procedure, buy a small batch and see how good their coffee is. 

If you need a darker roast, most companies will be able to provide you with good-quality coffee. It’s easier to obtain a darker roast and maintain the roast consistency. At this stage, the coffee loses acidity and becomes smokier and bolder. The dark roast is the most commonly used coffee. But things land on the complicated side with the light roast because the roast consistency is difficult to obtain. Just remember that the best supplier will maintain the roast consistency in each batch. 

4. Relationship between the roaster, importer, and the farmer 

To maintain quality and consistency, communication is very important when it comes to business. If the importer has a strong relationship with the farmer, they’ll enjoy a favorable position and help to avoid defects in the shipments. The importer-roaster relationship is also vital to get the highest grade of beans. It’s best if a coffee roaster directly communicates with coffee farmers because that’s how you can get the best coffee. 

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