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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media websites and it is a great way to get something seen by a large audience. It quickly became a dominant social media website where website owners could get traffic and even potentially make sales. If you look at a website like Etsy, their business has exploded as a result of Pinterest. As you start to expand your blog, you might want to get traffic with Pinterest because it is free, fun, and effective.

Get Traffic using Pinterest

1. Pin Unique Articles from your Blog

You should go ahead and create a Pin for every single article on your blog. Make sure the article will draw some interest on Pinterest and don’t pin your contact page or anything like that.

Remember, the way you get traffic through Pinterest is to create pins for your blog and hope they get shared around. When someone clicks your pin, they will be taken to your blog, and that is where traffic comes from. So if you never set-up Pins for your blog posts, then you will never see traffic. Make sure you link all your pins to the correct articles using Pinterest and you should even test them.

2. Use Infographics, Large Pins, and Call-to-Actions

Infographics have become a huge way that blog owners can get traffic with their Pins. Infographics not only look nice, but they add a degree of authority to your website as well. Plus, people usually have to click on them in order to see their full size, increasing your chance of getting someone to click through to your blog.

I always say with 2 to ‘go big or go home.’ You want to use larger graphics because people will be more likely to share them and you will ultimately increase your traffic.

You also want to utilize Call-to-Actions in the descriptions of your Pins so that you can increase the amount of clicks. Use things like ‘Click Here’, ‘Grab this Now’, ‘Try for Free’, ‘Free Access Now’, ‘Click Me’, ‘Read Now’, ‘Check Out’, and more. A rich description means all the different for Pins and you find it has a profound effect on the amount of times it gets shared.

3. Share Others Pins and Follow Boards

The best way to get your Pins shared are to share others Pins in the same niche as you. Plus, you should make a note of following people who are very similar to you. Eventually, you are going to need people to share your Pins to their followers and that is why you follow and connect with others.

4. Keep your Boards Organized

All your Pins should be in one nice convenient location and categorized. If you have one board with hundreds of Pins then there is a good chance that no one wants to go through it. However, if you focus on recipes and categorize the meals into categories like Italian, American, Mexican, French, Chinese, Slow-Cooker, Healthy, Inexpensive, and Favorite recipes, then people will be more inclined to browse through your boards and Re-pin the ones they like.

2 More Free Ways to Increase Traffic with Pinterest

• Put a ‘Pin It’ Button on your Blog

What better way to get more pins out there then to have your current website visitors pin your articles? This is an easy and effective way to engage your visitors and let them help you grow, which is VERY important .

• Use Tutorials

Say you have a blogging website, you can put a pin out there that says ‘Set-up a Professional WordPress Blog’ and include a strong call-to-action in the description. The only way for people to learn this information is to click through to your blog. Once there, you can give them the information and even try to upsell them or try to get them to join your email list.

In Conclusion

If you want to get traffic from any social media website, then you need to be persistent. You might find that your niche is not the best for Pinterest and it might not be worth your time. However, you will never find out if you do not at least give it a chance. Pinterest will continue to grow and find ways to engage their current website visitors while continuously gaining new members. The faster you can create a large following, the better your traffic will ultimately be in the end.

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